Have you seen the man who prevents a servant ˹of Ours˺ from praying?What if this ˹servant˺ is ˹rightly˺ guided, or encourages righteousness?What if that ˹man˺ persists in denial and turns away?Does he not know that Allah sees ˹all˺?But no ! If he does not desist, We will certainly drag him by the forelock—a lying, sinful forelock.So let him call his associates.We will call the wardens of Hell.Again, no ! Never obey him ˹O Prophet˺!Rather, ˹continue to˺ prostrate and draw near ˹to Allah˺. ۩PROSTRATION VERSEQuran 96:9~19 [SURAH AL-’ALAQ]
The Surah takes its name after the second Ayat,
خَلَقَ الْإِنسَانَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ
“Created man from a clinging substance.” [96:2].
There are 19 Ayat in this Surah.
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أَرَءَیۡتَ ٱلَّذِی یَنۡهَىٰ
عَبۡدًا إِذَا صَلَّىٰۤ
أَرَءَیۡتَ إِن كَانَ عَلَى ٱلۡهُدَىٰۤ
أَوۡ أَمَرَ بِٱلتَّقۡوَىٰۤ
أَرَءَیۡتَ إِن كَذَّبَ وَتَوَلَّىٰۤ
أَلَمۡ یَعۡلَم بِأَنَّ ٱللَّهَ یَرَىٰ
كَلَّا لَىِٕن لَّمۡ یَنتَهِ لَنَسۡفَعَۢا بِٱلنَّاصِیَةِ
نَاصِیَةࣲ كَـٰذِبَةٍ خَاطِئَةࣲ
فَلۡیَدۡعُ نَادِیَهُۥ
سَنَدۡعُ ٱلزَّبَانِیَةَ
كَلَّا لَا تُطِعۡهُ وَٱسۡجُدۡۤ وَٱقۡتَرِب
The first five Ayat are among the first that were revealed to the Prophet (saw), aged forty, in the cave of Hira, Makkah.
Then the rest of the Surah was revealed when the message was presented to the people of Makkah and they began threatening the Prophet.
The Surah speaks about the humble beginning of human beings, but the high position that they can receive if they follow the message of Allah.
تم نے دیکھا اُس شخص کو جو ایک بندے کو منع کرتا ہے جبکہ وہ نماز پڑھتا ہو؟ 
تمہارا کیا خیال ہے اگر (وہ بندہ) راہ راست پر ہو 
یا پرہیزگاری کی تلقین کرتا ہو؟ 

تمہارا کیا خیال ہے اگر (یہ منع کرنے والا شخص حق کو) جھٹلاتا اور منہ موڑتا ہو؟ 

کیا وہ نہیں جانتا کہ اللہ دیکھ رہا ہے؟ 

ہرگز نہیں، 
اگر وہ باز نہ آیا تو ہم اس کی پیشانی کے بال پکڑ کر اسے کھینچیں گے 
اُس پیشانی کو جو جھوٹی اور سخت خطا کار ہے 

وہ بلا لے اپنے حامیوں کی ٹولی کو 
ہم بھی عذاب کے فرشتوں کو بلا لیں گے 

ہرگز نہیں، اُس کی بات نہ مانو اور سجدہ کرو اور (اپنے رب کا) قرب حاصل کرو
Chapter 96 of the Qur’an is traditionally believed to have been Muhammad’s first revelation.
While on retreat in the Cave of Hira, located at Mountain Jabal al-Nour near Mecca, Angel Gabriel appears before The Islamic Prophet and commands him to “Read!”.
He responded, “But I cannot read!”.
Then the angel Gabriel embraced him tightly and then revealed to him the first lines,
“Read: In the name of your Lord Who created, (1) Created man from a clot. (2) Read: And your Lord is the Most Generous, (3) Who taught by the pen, (4) Taught man that which he knew not.”
(Bukhari 4953).
It is traditionally understood the first five ayat or verses (1–5) of Surah Alaq were revealed;
however, this is not the first fully complete Surah to be revealed and was actually revealed in 3 parts.