Have they failed to look at the earth, ˹to see˺ how many types of fine plants We have caused to grow in it?Surely in this is a sign. Yet most of them would not believe.Quran 26:7~8 [Surah ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)]
The Surah is named ‘The Poets’ and is mentioned in the Ayat, وَالشُّعَرَاءُ يَتَّبِعُهُمُ الْغَاوُونَ “And the poets – [only] the deviators follow them;” (26:224).
This is the longest Makki Surah of the Qur’an having 227 Ayat.
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أَوَ لَمۡ یَرَوۡا۟ إِلَى ٱلۡأَرۡضِ كَمۡ أَنۢبَتۡنَا فِیهَا مِن كُلِّ زَوۡجࣲ كَرِیمٍ
إِنَّ فِی ذَ ٰلِكَ لَءَایَةࣰۖ وَمَا كَانَ أَكۡثَرُهُم مُّؤۡمِنِینَ
The non-believers were asking for signs to prove that the Qur’an was the word of Allah. Allah mentioned many signs both in nature and in history. Stories of many prophets are also mentioned to indicate that all prophets presented basically the same message.
اور کیا انہوں نے کبھی زمین پر نگاہ نہیں ڈالی کہ ہم نے کتنی کثیر مقدار میں ہر طرح کی عمدہ نباتات اس میں پیدا کی ہیں؟ 
یقیناً اس میں ایک نشانی ہے، مگر ان میں سے اکثر ماننے والے نہیں
Allah has power to bring down the mightiest sign, but here is a test for people. This wonderful creation is a sign itself for those who want to learn.
Signs were shown to Pharaoh.
Pharaoh’s magicians and Prophet Moses.
The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The sea splitting and giving the way.
Prophet Ibrahim’s struggle against idolatry.
Prophet Noah and his people.
The ‘Ad and the Prophet Hud – peace be upon him.
The Thamud and the Prophet Saleh – peace be upon him.
Prophet Lot – peace be upon him – and his people.
Prophet Shu’aib – peace be upon him – and his people.
The Qur’an is the message from the Lord of the worlds. It is neither from devils nor do they have any clue of this message. It is not poetry of the poets. It is a serious message with eternal consequences.