Among His signs are the day and the night, the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate to the sun or the moon, but prostrate to Allah, Who created them ˹all˺, if you ˹truly˺ worship Him ˹alone˺.But if the pagans are too proud, then ˹let them know that˺ those ˹angels˺ nearest to your Lord glorify Him day and night, and never grow weary. Quran 41:37~38 Sajdah / Prostration ayat 41:38۩
The Surah is known as ‘Fussilat’ and ‘Haa Meem as-Sajdah’. There are 54 Ayat in this Surah.
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وَمِنۡ اٰيٰتِهِ الَّيۡلُ وَالنَّهَارُ وَالشَّمۡسُ وَالۡقَمَرُ‌ؕ 
لَا تَسۡجُدُوۡا 
لِلشَّمۡسِ وَلَا لِلۡقَمَرِ وَاسۡجُدُوۡا لِلّٰهِ الَّذِىۡ خَلَقَهُنَّ 
اِنۡ كُنۡتُمۡ اِيَّاهُ تَعۡبُدُوۡنَ‏ 
فَاِنِ اسۡتَكۡبَرُوۡا فَالَّذِيۡنَ 
عِنۡدَ رَبِّكَ 
يُسَبِّحُوۡنَ لَهٗ بِالَّيۡلِ وَالنَّهَارِ وَهُمۡ لَا يَسۡـَٔـمُوۡنَ۩‏
The subject matter of this Surah is Da’wah. It invites to the truth, gives warnings to those who reject the truth, and tells us that the appeal to the truth is within our nature. It tells us also that the Believers receive strength from Allah’s revelation. The revelation gives life to those who were spiritually and morally dead at one time. The Surah contains both good news and warnings.
اور رات اور دن 
اور سورج اور چاند 
اس کی نشانیوں میں سے ہیں۔ 
تم لوگ نہ تو سورج کو سجدہ کرو اور نہ چاند کو۔ 
بلکہ خدا ہی کو سجدہ کرو 
جس نے ان چیزوں کو پیدا کیا ہے 

اگر تم کو اس کی عبادت منظور ہے 
اگر یہ لوگ سرکشی کریں تو 
(خدا کو بھی ان کی پروا نہیں) 
جو (فرشتے) تمہارے پروردگار کے پاس ہیں 
وہ رات دن اس کی تسبیح کرتے رہتے ہیں 
اور (کبھی) تھکتے ہی نہیں۩
Invitation to the truth of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a book that explains everything.
Allah created the heaven and earth. Warnings to those who turn away from Allah.
Those who deny Allah, their own body will witness against them.
The disbelievers’ plan to suppress the message of the Qur’an will fail. Allah gives strength to the Believers.
The best people are those who invite to Allah. The effect of the revelation on the Believers. The signs of Allah.
Allah gives time to people to repent. What good or evil you do is for and against your own selves. The truth will gradually succeed.